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FAQ's for Cooking Birthday Parties

Do you provide food for the adults?

Yes, for an extra charge we provide a variety of food platters for adults.

What is the max number of kids I can invite to a party?

15 max is recommended to ensure everyone gets the kind of attention we want

 them to have.

Is there enough room for the parents to stay at the party?

Yes we have lots of room, in fact we provide additional services for parents to

 make your stay as much fun for you, as it is for the kids. Pre-Order from our 

Adult party platters and drink menu and have a party within a party.

What is the cost of a cooking party and how much time 

does that include?

The cost of our cooking parties start at ($450.00) for up to 10 children. Each 

additional child is ($35.00). Parties are 2 hours in duration.

Can we come ahead to decorate?

1. Parents can arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled party time to setup your 

own d├ęcor.

Can I bring a cake?


The form asked me to estimate the number of children but 

I'm not sure yet. Can I change this number as I get closer to

the party?

Yes, but final head count must be provided no later then two days before the

 scheduled party.

What age range do you host for cooking parties?

We host parties for ages 8 years old to 16 years old.

FAQ's for Single Session Cooking Classes

What is the cost of a single session cooking class and 

there duration?

  • Ages 8 - 16 years old: $35.00 for 90 minutes.
  • Ages 5-7 years old: $25.00 for 60 minutes.
  • Group Rate is ($30.00) *Homeschool Groups, Special Needs Adults & Scouts

What type of food do you cook for the single session 


We are not limited to one cuisine. During each class we prepare kid friendly

 foods. During the registration process there will be a brief summary of 

cuisine being cooked or baked.

Can I stay in the class with my child during the cooking 


No. Parents are invited to stay in our front lobby area. This room is connected 

to the room where your child is but is separated by a door, However you are

 more than welcome to come into the room to take pictures.

How do I register for a class? How do I pay? Do you allow 


All registrations and payments for our classes are done through our online

 through our parent portal. This will provide us the information we need in 

advance to be properly prepared for the class. Sorry.... no walk-ins.

I'm coming to class for the first time. Do I need to do

 anything to prepare?

Yes, if your child has long hair please have it pulled back, tied up neatly and 

pulled out of the face.

What age range do you host single session cooking

 classes ?

We host ages 5 to 16 years old.

FAQ's for Membership & Competitive Programs

What is a competitive cooking or baking program?

Our competitive cooking and baking programs will teach students the skills

 they need for competition day. Student will have fun in the kitchen as they 

cook and learn about the theme for the month. All classes are hands-on,

students will work in small groups or individually, with lots of personal 


What is the price of membership program and what does 

that include?

The cooking and baking program are separate programs and held on different


The cost is ($99.00) per program per month with a one time registration fee of 

($50.00). The registration fee provides for a apron/chef jacket and includes 3 

hands on instructional classes per month and 1 competitive class.

How are classes scheduled within the month and how 

long are the classes?

All three classes within a one month time-frame. Classes are held once a week

 for 90 minutes within the month and on the day you choose register your 

student for.

How old does my student have to be to register for the 

competitive cooking classes?

For the competitive cooking and baking programs student must be ages 

11 to 16 years old.

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